What can I expect when I visit

When you come in the door of the old mill you can expect a friendly environment. The inside is much more comfortable than one might imagine. People usually start showing up around 10:15 BUT you can show up earlier 🙂 sipping free coffee and donuts while kids move around the room sharing their week in a warm comfortable fellowship area. Our service starts at 10:30 and looks like this : Introductory prayer, music, announcements, and a sermon from God’s word demonstrating how the Bible is applicable to your present life. We preahc through books of the bible because tthe bible is relevant to all our lives. Afterwards some people will hang out for a period of time sharing life some more. On the second Sunday of the month we eat lunch together as a church family right after service.

If you need any materials or information about the church, please see the greeters or one of the leaders in our church


Sunday Mornings:

Worship Service 10:30 a.m.

Children’s Sunday School available for ages  3-14
Younger kids 4-8
Older kids 9-14
Mothers Room 0-3
We practice communion monthly on the first Sunday and do baptisms throughout the year as warranted. Our service is usually finished at approximately 11:45 AM.
Periodically we do children dedications with the parents calling the church to help them raise their children to follow Jesus

How should I dress

We ask you to dress comfortably and be yourself. Most people at Redemption Fellowship dress comfortably and casually. Jeans are fine and we encourage others to dress modestly so that Jesus is the focus of our worship. We promote a come as you are and meet God and his people.  

What about my children

We welcome children of all ages at Redemption Fellowship. We invite all children to experience God either in Sunday School (ages 3-14) or in the service. There is also an infant room for children under 3 years old.

What happens after Service

We finish off the coffee and hang out together as long as people can stay. Each person has options to stay or go. We ordinarily do a potluck on the second Sunday of the month after service. We encourage regular attendees to bring a small dish BUT if you are a guest we would be privileged to feed you. It is a great way to get to know new people and visitors


If you have any questions feel free to call: (919) 761-3671